Shannon Miller is a writer and editor based in Las Vegas. She writes about arts and entertainment, travel, lifestyle and news for Vegas Seven, DTLV.com and Nevada Forward. She contributes writing, editing and communications services pro bono for Battle Born Progress and Forced Trajectory Project.

While an undergraduate at Seattle University, Shannon was a contributing editor at Miroir Magazine and a communications intern for a Seattle-based non-profit organization where she created email, social media and other marketing content. Shortly after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English literature, she landed her first freelance gigs copy editing for a college in Tempe, Arizona and copywriting for a Las Vegas-based web development company.

After interning for one month in 2016, she was hired at Vegas Seven as an editorial assistant, columnist and contributor on topics of film festivals, fresh-baked laffa and Latinx visibility. The grind of working for an award-winning urban weekly magazine and its associated websites refined her skills in editorial writing, fact-checking, copy editing and meeting deadlines. 

past interviews with …

Daniel Handler, a.k.a. Lemony Snicket



Ana Lily Amirpour


Emmaneul Ortega “Babelito”


In addition to freelance and pro bono writing and copyediting, Shannon currently works as a coordinator, social media manager and communications specialist for a Las Vegas nonprofit that establishes garden programs on school campuses.  



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